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Screenshot From A Successful Student:

Thanks again Kristie. Yours was the first course that I actually made money after buying!!
Total amount (so far) : $2,925.16. Laurie

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Now,  I realize everyone has a different budget, so I have given you a “Light Version” To Choose From:

LIGHT GOLD ($697/$397 ) $147 (Discounted $250 Off)

What You Will Get:

#1 – One-On-One personal VIDEO Call with Kristie for approx. 30 Minutes

(you can turn your camera off, if you like). It’s time for me to DO, and

you to Take Notes!

Then, it’s time for the Action to begin as I create your own Review Video for you LIVE.

#2 – Then, I’ll add the Search Engine details to your video.

#3 – Next, I’ll create a Snazzy Title with Symbols to get your video more views.

#4 – Then, I will add your Affiliate Link

#5 – Next, I will blast your video out all over the internet.

#6 – Answer your questions during the entire process.

What to Do Next:

Hit the Buy Now Button that will take you to Paypal

*Schedule your Live Video Call with Kristie on this Online Calendar –

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