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Your Video Training #1: 

Video Creation #2 – How To Create Multiple Videos With 1 Video!

Video #3 – How To Use Free Photo Site & Custom Thumbnails

Video #4

Video #5

Free Tools I Recommend:

Free Stock Images Click Here

Free Pinging Tools for Your  Videos:



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#4  Find your Product Launches Here:  Http://



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#1 Video Tool I Used To Make Your Bonus Video

You can find that here.



Your Videos with your JVZoo Link are Here:


BONUS Video:



Now, after you have everything in place:

Your 90 Day Goal:  

Make 5 Videos a Day X 6 = 30 Videos A Week X 4 = 120 Videos a month!

Put the metal to the pedal! Let’s Go, Dianne!





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PS.  Once you get all of these pieces into place, you will have EVERYTHING you need to be successful.  Hunker down. Intensely focus and don’t let ANY other online shiny object project sway you.

I can envision your being wildly successful with this business model with your awesome work ethic, Dianne.

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