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Welcome to Coaching with Kristie…I’m so happy you are here, Mike.

We have completed a Video Consultation one-on-one to see which direction you would like to go.

Here are your 6 Videos Plus 1 Bonus (Animated Video Below) = 7 Videos

The first 2 videos are a prime example of doing a Google Live Event with the camera off

(perfect if you don’t wish to show your face for any reason).


(2) TrainPetDog Videos with your Aweber Link in Description:




(2) Bluehost Videos:




(2) Clickfunnel Videos:






 Video #7


Update: Videos Already Ranking on the First Page of Youtube under “Videos” – Congrats!

Video #1





Ranking Video #2 on 1st Page of Google for VIDEOS


Tip: Remember, it is not necessary to rank on the first page of Google/Youtube to get clicks and sales.

Just be sure and make your Thumbnail and Title interesting and captivating!



Update:  Your Youtube Dog Thumbnails images are here: The purpose is to attract attention for dogs in general, not for a particular breed.

You can get more royalty-free images at



Note: I would like for you to begin creating your own Subscriber Email List from Day 1.


  1. Sign up CLICK HERE to get your Aweber Autoresponder Service if you haven’t already,
  2. Create a New Campaign List
  3. Create An Opt-in Form
  4. Redirect your Form link to TrainPetDog and/or
  5.  {Or, I can do this for you – optional package below).
  6.  Remember to Send me YOUR Youtube Channel URL so I can put that inside my authority channel to give YOUR channel some ranking juice.
  7. I suggest you leave your videos created for you inside my channel to give YOU more ranking juice.  I will embed YOUR affiliate link inside your videos.  I do not benefit from this monetarily, this is for YOUR benefit only. If you choose to move them to your channel, let me know so I can delete them from my channel so Youtube does not deem them “duplicate content.”
  8. Remember to Send me Your Autoresponder Form Link.

Update: Your Youtube Description from TPD is here

or you can copy the text from each particular breed under “+Selected Dog Breeds on left-hand side of TPD Home Page:

Selected Dog Breeds Selected Dog Breeds


“With time, dogs have become an important part of human households, where they are seldom treated as working mates. Unlike people of the 18th century, dog owners of today consider their pets as one of their family members and go out of their way to provide the latter with the best of training, diet, grooming and care.

William Koehler was perhaps the first dog trainer who had encouraged dog owners to have a better bonding with their dogs. In fact, before that, dogs were considered as working animals, and were mostly kept in the backyard. His training methods helped dog owners transform these animals into household pets. It is he who introduced the leashes and collars and explained their importance.

Soon, dog owners started realizing the pleasure of taking a simple walk with their dogs. They enjoyed the companionship and vitality of playing with these animals. And that slowly developed into a beautiful relationship of trust, affection and commitment.

A number of training philosophies have been developed based on the idea of dominance (alpha dog where the human is the leader), and on the very idea that your dog perceives you as another dog.

Training methods today have no place for harsh punishments and losing temper. Fortunately, for the last few decades, canine psychology and behavior is being given more importance and based on such aspects, dog training is now about loads of patience and positive reinforcements.” Source: TrainPetDog

To learn more on dog training, you can download this Free Mini-Course Here:  (your autoresponder link that redirects to TPD)

Please LIKE and Subscribe to my channel – (your channel url)

Update:  Your Keyword List Is Here for future Youtube Video Titles:  Package Promised (100) Delivered (156)

(50 Keywords + 23 Keywords  (BONUS) = Total 73 Keywords for just TrainPetDog (see more below)










Bonus:  More Related Keyword Phrases you can find at the bottom of your Google pages like this:

and this:




#2 Keywords (24 Keyword Phrases)

Youtube Thumbnail Image:


Keyword #3 – Clickfunnels (56 Keyword Phrases) 

Youtube Thumbnail Image:


Additional Aweber Training here on doing these steps yourself: –

Two Affiliate Programs To Sign Up For:

#1 –

#2 –  Please sign up for your TrainPetDog Program at the sign-up link here:

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 7.48.28 AM


When you create your own Autoresponder form,  put your TPD link inside your CUSTOM URL inside your autoresponder to redirect your new subscriber to TPD after they opt-in to your list.

TrainPetDog Affiliate Link will look like this:

Video Training: How To Create Your Aweber List, Email Form & Redirect It to Your Affiliate Link:



All of these links lead to a page on TPD’s site that describes the characteristics of Yorkshire Terriers and then invites your visitors to
sign up to TPD’s  extremely popular, free mini-course on training and handling their Yorkshire Terriers.
Once they sign up for the free mini course, they are then immediately redirected to a page that promotes TPD’s Membership site. They are also sent a series of periodic emails that contain helpful tips on training their Yorkshire Terriers and also promote some of their paid products like their Membership site, ebook on housebreaking, etc.
Whenever they purchase any of TPD’s paid products, you get a commission! And you get commissions regardless of when they purchase the products – i.e. you get a commission even if they don’t purchase immediately after subscribing but purchase many days, weeks or months later (up to 10 years).
They’ve tested and found that their affiliates get more sales if they send their visitors to their free mini course signup pages in this manne,r than if they send their visitors directly to the sales letters for their different products, since with the free mini course, TPD is able to periodically follow-up with your subscribers and are ultimately able to get a larger percentage of them to convert to customers.
From TPD: Linking to Different Dog Breeds
Our web site is divided into different sections for different dog breeds. The links that have been given to you above depend on the section from which you had signed up for our affiliate program. If you had signed up from a specific section of our site that describes a particular dog breed, all the above affiliate links will point to that section of our site by default. On the other hand, if you had signed up from a generic section of our site that is not specific to a particular dog breed, then the above affiliate links will point to our home page.
If your web site is focused exclusively on the specific breed described in the section of our site from which you had signed up for our affiliate program, then you should of course use one of the above links to link to us.
However, if your site has information on different dog breeds, then we recommend that you link the breed-specific pages of your site with the corresponding breed specific sections of our site. This will ensure that your visitors get more targeted content from our site and will help you increase your conversion rates and commissions with our affiliate program.
In order to link to the section of our site that has information on some other breed, please follow these 3 steps:
2) Scroll down and in the section that shows all the alphabets, click on the first letter of the name of the breed that you are interested in linking to. All the breeds beginning with that letter will be shown. Then, click on the name of the breed you are interested in.
3) Note down the URL of the page that is displayed and modify it by adding a “/h” and your affiliate username (i.e. kristie) just after the “” portion of the URL – this will be your affiliate link for that breed.
For instance, if you wanted to link to the section of our site that has information on the Keeshond breed of dogs, you would click on “K” in the section containing all the alphabets, then click on the Keeshond link, and modify the URL that is displayed by adding a “/h” and your affiliate username (i.e. kristie) just after the “”. So the link that you would use would look like this with YOUR affiliate link where my name appears:
<a href = “”>Keeshond</a>

Video Creation #1 – Let’s begin with How To Create Your Review Video

Video Creation #2 – How To Create Multiple Videos With 1 Video!

Video #3 – How To Use Free Photo Site & Custom Thumbnails

Video #4


Free Tools I Recommend:

Free Stock Images Click Here

Free Pinging Tools for Your  Videos:



#3 (use this to ping AND build 50 free Backlinks to your video)


Paid Tools I Recommend:


#1 Video Tool I Used To Make Your Bonus Video

You can find that here.


#2  How To Find Buyer Keywords Keyword Tool I Use Free Trial Click Here


Tips for Titles:  Use Symbols and Use the Keyword Phrase TWICE if you can such as: *) 🙂 !

Example: *Schnauzer POTTY Training FREE Course Schnauzer POTTY Training**


PDF How I Made My First Affiliate Sale


BONUS VIDEO: How to choose a Company on that gives you $10 or more Per Sale




If you have found this Video Service to be useful and valuable, I would greatly

appreciate a written or video testimonial =) to my email at


Also, this is a Special Invitation to join us with our ongoing training $37/month

on How To Make Consistent Sales With 1 Landing Page and 1 Daily Email.

You can access that here.


Now, after you have everything in place:

Your 90 Day Goal:  Make 5 Videos a Day X 6 = 30 Videos A Week  X 4

= 120 Videos a month!

Put the metal to the pedal! Let’s go, Mike!




If you would like for me to do this for you as an additional package, this is what will be included:

#1 – You simply sign up for Aweber and send me your Login Details

(login name/email & Password)

#2 – I will create a Campaign List for Your Dog Niche

#3 – I will Create an Aweber Form Form for you that looks like this with the custom graphic inside:




#4 I will take your Aweber Form Link above and REDIRECT it inside of your Aweber account to your

TrainPetDog Affiliate Link inside each of your videos =).

*This will get you started building your subscriber list from Day 1*

Step #3 Scaling for the next 90 Days:

Next, I would suggest that you:

#1 – Begin sending emails to your new subscribers immediately including a Welcome Email with instructions linking (with your affiliate link) to the TrainPetDog page.

#2  Include your Sunfrog link suggesting seasonal shirts for every single dog-lover on your list.  You should start emailing your list as soon as you have your first 10 subscribers.  

#3 Begin marketing your Sunfrog affiliate link inside your emails with at least 7 emails beginning in your newsletter series, targeting shirts/hoodies/seasons (perfect time to start now for any season from New Years, Valentine’s Day and all the yearly holidays leading up to Thanksgiving and Christmas). People love, love, love to buy t-shirts and hoodies, plus clothing wears out, gets torn, faded or frayed, so people are always purchasing more of them.


OPTIONAL PACKAGE #2:  If you would like for me to do this for you, then

#1  Sign up with affiliate program.

#2  Send me your Login Details.

#3  I will create a “collection” of dog shirts/hoodies with a banner website (inside of Sunfrog) with your affiliate link embedded into each shirt.

#4  I will create/write a series of 7 emails (including your first Welcome Email) pointing them to the Free Mini-Course, that I will personally upload to your Autoresponder campaign list to be sent out every 2 days with your Dog Collection Website Affiliate Link from Sunfrog.

You can use these 7 email templates for all of your future emails (simply copy them and change the wording a bit to match the season).

Right now is the best time to start pushing gifts for pet-owners!


Click below if you would like to take me up on one or both of the Done For You Options:

Aweber Set-Up


Kudos to you on taking action!

Whatever you do, start building your Buyer’s List today!  It was life-changing for me, my daughter-in-law (just got news she is quitting her teacher’s job December 31, 2016 to be a Stay-At-Home Mom having built a list of subscribers to her Etsy Shop) and hundreds of other marketers who finally found the secret…build a subscriber list of buyers that can make YOUR dreams come true!

The clock is ticking for this year, make it count!


Grateful for you, Mike!


PS.  Once you get all of these pieces into place, you will have EVERYTHING you need to be successful.  Hunker down.

Intensely focus and don’t let ANY other online shiny object project sway you.

I can envision your being wildly successful with this business model with your awesome work ethic. – K.


Hugs, Kristie