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If you have reached this page, I have already had a Video Consultation with you. Then, after I create your video(s) for you, I ping them with 2 services and insert all of the SEO tips that I teach. Kudos to you on taking action!

Now, here’s how to rinse and repeat what I did for your next 90 day plan of creating 30/videos a month = 90 videos cranking out views/visitors/potential sales for you 24/7 =).

Let’s begin with…

How To Create Your Review Video – Method #1 and Method #2

How To Create Your Review Video – Method #3




Remember, your videos don’t have to be perfect or beautiful, many sales come from really UGLY videos.  It’s solving the PROBLEM that matters most. Your job is to get your visitor to the SALES page where the vendor has spent thousands of dollars to make that page convert for you as the Affiliate.  One more tip: Make your videos 5 minutes or less since people’s attention span is extremely short!
How To Create Multiple Videos With 1 Video!

How To Use Free Photo Site & Custom Thumbnails

Free Tools I Recommend:

Free Stock Images Click Here

Free Pinging Tools for Your  Videos:

#1  Masspinger.com

#2  Pingler.com


Paid Tools I Recommend:


#1 Optional Click To Action Slides Link Here


#2 Video Tool I Used To Make Your Bonus Video

You can find that here.


#3  How To Find Buyer Keywords Keyword Tool I Use Free Trial Click Here


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