Sales Page Bullet Points

Sales Draft Page Bullet Points:

Gurus tell you to “promote” a product, but they don’t tell you WHAT to promote!

I found the PERFECT niche, with the PERFECT dog breed and the PERFECT affiliate program to promote.

Here’s the Recipe:

Small Dog Niche + Housebreaking Problems + Youtube = $2700

Add a sprinkle of DAILY DOSES of follow-up daily emails by the company with YOUR Affiliate Link tucked neatly inside,

and can you say CHA-CHING?


What if this was just a one-time sale? A one-time wonder?
What if it was just a “lucky” hunch?
Answer: Kristie has been getting a monthly deposit from this company since 2009

What if this is not “copy and paste” and not duplicatable?
See just ONE of Kristie’s students who followed this EXACT blueprint and is on track to receive $3000 from silly, simple videos.

Will this niche get TOO saturated? No way!

There are approximately 339 known breeds of dogs, plus hundreds of related keywords that makes it possible for you to create hundreds of videos.

Remember, many people that buy puppies are absolutely clueless about the problems their particular dog breed may experience.

When their dog begins to experience physical problems and they don’t have thousands of dollars to take their dog to the vet, they often turn to the internet for help first.

BAM! They find YOUR video.
You help them solve their pet problems and make an AFFILIATE SALE – Win-Win!

How do I get people to SEE my videos?

Included inside this course discover detailed instructions on how to use Silly, Simple Youtube videos to get all FREE views and potential sales.

Plus, a PROVEN plan to rank your videos to get even MORE views and potential sales rolling in.

You just CAN’T beat this proven system.

What are YOU waiting for?

It’s about to be Christmas and the BIGGEST puppy-buying frenzy of the year!

Get your videos in front of those CRAZY dog-lovin’ owners.

Help those desperate Pet Owners get some relief.

Let them find it with YOUR affiliate link starting now.