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So you know that I understand how to promote other people’s products, the screenshot above is from one of my Affiliate accounts – Kristie

What Others Are Saying:

Total made so far $217.00 – My name is Jenelle Livet, and I wanted to give a quick testimonial for Kristie Chiles. I have been following Kristie for some time, and just recently I took her up on her offer for a coaching call. I have had a number of calls with a number of successful people, but I have never felt as empowered as I did while talking to Kristie.

Kristie has a gift of pulling out your inner strength, and gave me the confidence to create my first product and launch it. I have always been an affiliate marketer but Kristie recognized that I had a lot to offer people, and that I should put together a product. This product has so far been the most successful thing I have ever done online and if it were not for Kristie, I do not think I would have taken that step.

So it is with great pleasure that I recommend Kristie and her products, but most of all her coaching. If you get the chance, jump on a call and absorb all she has to offer.

Thank you from all of my heart Kristie, you are one awesome lady. Jenelle Livet

November 25, 2016


Have you been wishing you could UNSTUCK?

Wish you could just talk to someone who is currently successful?


I can tell you, that it’s SUPER nice to have a Coach available, to meet with you one-on-one to get you UNstuck, when you just don’t know which direction to go from where you are => to where you REALLY want to be.


So I just sent you an email asking if you would be interested in a coaching call

with me for 1 hour, you and me, one-one-one where i will give you the exact plan

you can use in order to start generating your  first sales with video marketing as

soon as possible.


I am only looking for 20 serious folks, because the spots (and my time for

November) are extremely limited.

BUT I just checked my email and replies are already flying in as soon as I hit


And that BLEW my mind. I really didn’t expect such a quick response.


So I will definitely do this,  but let me explain how it is going to work:

I am going to open this now for 15 people.

Why 15? 


Because between managing my blog and working on my product launch

for December, my time is extremely limited, so practically speaking,

I can only handle 15 calls this month.


What You Will Get:


I am going to share with you every tip and every secret I know when it comes to

video marketing, plus I will even show you how to scale up to the point where

you will only spend a few minute a day to manage your online business.


I must admit that this is a TON of work for me, but i want to do it because i want

to help you as much as possible.


I am sure by now you are wondering…


How much is this going to cost?


You have to understand that this will take a lot of work on my part doing

as many as 3-5 calls per week, or maybe even per day.


This takes up a lot of time and energy, but I don’t want to charge you

an outrageous price, so I came up with a price point that I think is fair.


After talking with other coaching students, I found that $197 is a good price

point for this kind of coaching.


Now, normally something like this would cost you $997 easily, and I have

personally  paid $5000 for one weekend to sit beside a “guroo” for personal



What I’m going to teach you is the EXACT process that allowed me to make my

first sales with Youtube.


Plus, I am going to tell you the TWO Things you MUST do be successful with video




Also, You are not only getting this call, but afterwards you will have personal

EMAIL access to me through December, 2016.


So, right now, scroll down and hit the Add To Cart Button.


And after you book your time, we will arrange the date you want to meet LIVE and get started.

1 Hour Coaching



One more thing.  I am getting replies flying in, so this will probably sell out fast, really fast.

But I like to give priority to people who read my emails first and respond.

Because that means you are more interested, and will actually do the work that it will take to be successful.


Because after all, I am looking for success stories, like Jenelle above.


So, if you are SERIOUS about creating an online business, hit the buy button

below and I will make sure to secure your spot no matter what.


As soon as you hit the Buy Button below, I will send you a link to schedule

our LIVE call on my calendar – you and me…one-on-one to get you UnStuck.





So, until my calendar fills up with 15 slots, I’m going to make this available before

the Christmas season begins, so don’t delay!

clockPlus, the clock is ticking, and if you want your life to look VERY different by this time in January of 2017,  right N-O-W is the time to begin.


That’s why I’ve decided to offer you PERSONAL coaching, one-on-one, just YOU and ME for one hour.


Remember, it will be recorded so you can listen to it over and over, and I’ve priced it where it won’t put a strain on you.  Just click the link below, and we’ll get started!



1 Hour Coaching


Note: Legal Disclaimer – this is not a guarantee of income, but rather I am going to share with you my own personal journey and listen to where you are in YOUR journey to help you get started.