How To Make Money With Clickbank Products

 Today, I have begun a journey of a goal of making as many Youtube videos as I can per week, teaching affiliate marketing to those who yearn to learn how to work from their laptop.

I began as a Newbie making sales with Clickbank products and then branched out into promoting other people’s products in JVZoo and WarriorPlus and many other affiliate networks.  Here are some of my results which vary from day to day, but it is very rare that I do not make sales each week.


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I am grateful that I learned early on to build a list in internet marketing, and I would highly suggest that you do the same no matter which niche you decide to promote.

For example, in the video above I talk about the cat niche.  Anything to do with people’s pets is a highly emotional and passionate niche.  Think about the famous pet supermarkets.  It is a billion dollar industry. Why? People are passionate about the animals they bring into their lives and will do anything to figure out how to solve a problem with that animal, before giving it away.

So, as I talked about in the video:

One Problem – Cat spraying on the furniture.

One Solution – Clickbank product as seen in video

One Traffic Solution – Use Youtube videos to talk about the cat course and how it has helped others solve this annoying problem.  Use the affiliate tools that I show in the video above.

I also created a quick course that is on sale (along with other 5 courses) that shows you how to do this.  It is currently on a special discount of $9 for all 6 courses, if you hurry on over there before I take it down to make room for other upcoming offers.

Affiliate marketing is not hard, but you do have to focus on one problem, one solution to that problem and then get folks who are looking for that solution through your affiliate link to the Clickbank sales page. Boom! Done!

Go get ’em.

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