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After I created your video(s) for you, I pinged them with 2 services and inserted all of the SEO tips that I teach. Kudos to you on taking action!


Eric, To Add An Image To Your Aweber Form Click Here

(You can use an image from Pixabay, or use Jing to copy the Youtube thumbnail I created for you). Or, go to Fiverr and have someone create one for you.  I’m so proud you took action. Let me know as your subscriber list grows!

Your Personal Tools I Created For You:

Your List of 9 Videos:

#1 Your Channel’s Youtube Thumbnail: (created with a free image from

and Edited with


#2  Your 100 Keyword Long-Tailed Phrases (+97 Bonus Keywords)


#3 Rankings so far (will fluctuate):





#4  Since my channel has ranking authority, I would suggest you leave all of your videos there and send me your Aweber link so that I can put that inside each of YOUR video descriptions, to begin building your awesome list immediately =). Remember inside Aweber to

A.  Your Custom URL should be your TrainPetDog Affiliate Link to redirect them after they opt-in to your Aweber Email Box (or whatever service you decide to link to your Aweber opt-in)

B.  Your first Welcome Email should Welcome them and send them with your affiliate link back to TrainPetDog for the second time to remind them to be sure to sign up there to receive their “Free Mini-Course by email.”

C.  TrainPetDog will begin to follow-up with your subscribers. Plus, I would suggest that you send at least one email a week with relevant articles you can find on Ezine Articles or anywhere on the internet with a Resource link crediting that content to the original author/website.  Stay in their inbox and write in your own “voice” so they “KNOW” you when you recommend something more such as a t-shirt.  This would be a great way to make some Sunfrog t-shirt sales as well during the holidays (exciting!).

If you would like to download any of the videos to your channel, you can use this free software here –, but just keep me informed so I can delete that video(s) from my channel, so Youtube doesn’t see it as “duplicate content.”

#5 Your Video Description:

Trying to figure out how to train a German Shepherd puppy? I hear ya! Go to this link and download your Free Mini-Course where you will learn:

How to Lead and think like a Pack Dog.

The 2 Main Reasons why your German Shepherd Puppy barks excessively and what you can do about it.

Three dangerous mistakes that German Shepherd owners make in trying to potty-train their German Shepherd puppy that YOU can avoid.

How to obedience train your German Shepherd puppy and put an end to aggression, jumping, biting and pulling on his leash..

And more…

Just click on this link and get your Free Mini-Course sent straight to your inbox right now.


Video Instruction on How To REDIRECT Your Aweber Link, create a new list, create a new form, and put your Aweber Form in your Video Description

Let’s begin with…


If you decide to use  the TrainPetDog Program at the sign-up link here:

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 7.48.28 AM

Company’s Best Practices that have resulted in more sales for me and other Coaching Students:

We recommend that you copy and paste any of the following affiliate text links to your web site in order to link to our site.
For Example:
<a href = “”>Yorkshire Terrier</a>
<a href = “”>Yorkshire Terriers</a>
<a href = “”>Yorkshire Terrier Training</a>
Yorkshire Terrier Information
<a href = “”>Yorkshire Terrier Information</a>
All these links lead to a page on our site that describes the characteristics of Yorkshire Terriers and then invites visitors to sign up to our extremely popular, free mini-course on training and handling their Yorkshire Terriers.
Once they sign up for the free mini course, they are then immediately redirected to a page that promotes our Membership site. They are also sent a series of periodic emails that contain helpful tips on training their Yorkshire Terriers and also promote some of our paid products like our Membership site, ebook on housebreaking, etc.
Whenever they purchase any of our paid products, you get a commission! And you get commissions regardless of when they purchase the products – i.e. you get a commission even if they don’t purchase immediately after subscribing but purchase many days, weeks or months later.
We’ve tested and found that our affiliates get more sales if they send their visitors to our free mini course signup pages in this manner than if they send their visitors directly to the sales letters for our different products, since with the free mini course, we are able to periodically follow up with our subscribers and are ultimately able to get a larger percentage of them to convert to customers.
Linking to Different Dog Breeds
Our web site is divided into different sections for different dog breeds. The links that have been given to you above depend on the section from which you had signed up for our affiliate program. If you had signed up from a specific section of our site that describes a particular dog breed, all the above affiliate links will point to that section of our site by default. On the other hand, if you had signed up from a generic section of our site that is not specific to a particular dog breed, then the above affiliate links will point to our home page.
If your web site is focused exclusively on the specific breed described in the section of our site from which you had signed up for our affiliate program, then you should of course use one of the above links to link to us.
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In order to link to the section of our site that has information on some other breed, please follow these 3 steps:
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3) Note down the URL of the page that is displayed and modify it by adding a “/h” and your affiliate username (i.e. kristie) just after the “” portion of the URL – this will be your affiliate link for that breed.
For instance, if you wanted to link to the section of our site that has information on the Keeshond breed of dogs, you would click on “K” in the section containing all the alphabets, then click on the Keeshond link, and modify the URL that is displayed by adding a “/h” and your affiliate username (i.e. kristie) just after the “”. So the link that you would use would look like this with YOUR affiliate link where my name appears:
<a href = “”>Keeshond</a>
How To Create Multiple Videos With 1 Video!

How To Use Free Photo Site & Custom Thumbnails

Free Tools I Recommend:

Free Stock Images Click Here

Free Pinging Tools for Your  Videos:





#5 to shorten and track your links

Paid Tools I Recommend:


#1 Optional Click To Action Slides Link Here


#2 Video Tool I Used To Make Your Bonus Video

You can find that here.


#3  How To Find Buyer Keywords Keyword Tool I Use Free Trial Click Here


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