Done For You Squeeze Page & Email Sequence




If you would like for me to do this for you as an additional package, this is what will be included:

#1 – You simply sign up for 2 Services, and send me your Login Details.

#2 – I will create a Campaign List for Your Niche

#3 – I will Create an autoresponder form.


*This will get you started building your subscriber list from Day 1*

Step #3 Scaling for the next 90 Days:

Next, I would suggest that you:

#1 – Begin sending emails to your new subscribers immediately including a Welcome Email with instructions linking to your affiliate link. You should start emailing your list as soon as you have your first 10 subscribers.  

#2 Begin marketing your affiliate link inside your emails with at least 7 emails beginning in your newsletter series (perfect time to start now for Thanksgiving and Christmas buyers).

OPTIONAL PACKAGE #2:  If you would like for me to do this for you, then

#1  Sign up with affiliate program.

#2  Send me your Login Details.

#3  I will create a “collection” of shirts/hoodies with a banner website (inside of Sunfrog) with your affiliate link embedded into each shirt.

#4  I will create/write a series of 7 emails (including your first Welcome Email pointing them to the Free Mini-Course, that I will personally upload to your Autoresponder campaign list to be sent out every 2 days with your Dog Collection Website Affiliate Link from Sunfrog.

You can use these 7 email templates for all of your future emails (simply copy them and change the wording a bit to match the season).  Right now is the best time to start pushing Christmas gifts!

Click below if you would like to take me up on one or both of the Done For You Options:

Aweber Set-Up

Kudos to you on taking action!

Whatever you do, start building your Buyer’s List today!  It was life-changing for me, my daughter-in-law (just got news she is quitting her teacher’s job December 31, 2016 to be a Stay-At-Home Mom having built a list of subscribers to her Etsy Shop) and hundreds of other marketers who finally found the secret…build a subscriber list of buyers that can make YOUR dreams come true!

The clock is ticking towards Christmas – the most special season of the year, and the MOST income generated all year long, for marketers like YOU.


Grateful for you,


PS.  Once you get all of these pieces into place, you will have EVERYTHING you need to be successful.  Hunker down. Intensely focus and don’t let ANY other online shiny object project sway you.