Coaching Page Exclusively for Linda Toqe


Linda,  Awesome chat! It was an honor and a pleasure to meet and consult with you. Remember, Build Your List and Keep it Simple! It doesn’t have to be perfect, just get that Squeeze Page out there promoting “your baby.”


Now, here’s that Video Training I mentioned to you yesterday:


Video Creation #1 – Let’s begin with How To Create Your Review Video

Video Creation #2 – How To Create Multiple Videos With 1 Video!

Video #3 – How To Use Free Photo Site & Custom Thumbnails

Video #4

Video #5

Free Tools I Recommend:

Free Stock Images Click Here

Free Pinging Tools for Your  Videos:



#3 (use this to ping AND build 50 free Backlinks to your video)


Paid Tools I Recommend:


#1 Video Tool I Used To Make Your Bonus Video

You can find that here.


#2  How To Find Buyer Keywords Keyword Tool I Use Free Trial Click Here




Now, after you have everything in place and are ready to promote your product:

Your 90 Day Goal:  Make 5 Videos a Day X 6 = 30 Videos A Week X 4 = 120 Videos a month promoting your Squeeze Page.

Put the metal to the pedal! Let’s Go, Linda! Kudos to you on taking action! Whatever you do, start building your Buyer’s List today!

It was life-changing for me, my daughter-in-law (as we discussed on our Hangout), and hundreds of other marketers who finally found the secret…build a subscriber list of buyers that can make YOUR dreams come true!

The clock is ticking towards Christmas – the most special season of the year, and the MOST income generated all year long, for marketers like YOU.


Grateful for you,


PS.  Once you get all of these pieces into place, you will have EVERYTHING you need to be successful.  Hunker down. Intensely focus and don’t let ANY other online shiny object project sway you.

I can envision your being wildly successful with this business model with your awesome work ethic. – K. (You were a Teacher, after all, right?)  And you still are! Just time to transition to teaching online.

I believe in You,