Coaching Lesson #3



Video uploading here…

How To Pick a Internet Marketing Course or Software to promote with a Review Video:

Training use youtube live events:

#1 Choose a launch that has not launched before (not a relaunch)
#2 Pick a vendor that you know puts out quality courses
#3 Apply for your link – tell them you are Kristie Chiles’ Coaching Student and please send you a Review Copy AND put you on Instant Commissions vs. delayed
#4 Record a video with Youtube Live Events (or Screencast-o-matic)
#5 Upload the video
#6 SEO it – put Same phrase in Title, Description Box and Keyword Tag

#7 Ping your video with and

Before you make a video for an Amazon Product:


Steps to Create A Review Video for Amazon Products

#1 (Register for a Free Affiliate Account)4% Affiliate
#2 Choose a high ticket
item for $229.49 = $9.16 Sales Commissions, plus your visitor is cookies to you for 24 hours
#3 Pick one over $200 to make at least $9 commission on it
#4 Make sure it has MOSTLY good through them
and if the product is a DUD, people will say so.
#5 Take the exact name from Amazon (the long-tailed keyword title)
and put it into the search bar in Youtube to see how many videos
are on the first page. If there is at least one spot on the first
page at the bottom that is something else, go for it.
#6 Use Youtube Live Events
#7 Put your Same Keyword as you used for your title in the Video Description Box and your Keyword Tag
#8 Ping it with and (free tools)

(For a more detailed look into Amazon Affiliate marketing, I would suggest
this blog article –

(Free Method)

How to turn 1 video into 5 with 1 slide with Youtube’s Power Editor – see instructions in the Coaching Video above.

(Paid Method)
If you find that 1 of your amazon videos is making sales, take about $5 a day and promote it with Youtube Ads. This course ( shows you how or search for how-to in Youtube itself. I find that detailed step-by-step courses are often more helpful, but you can dig through tons of free videos on training within Youtube itself. Courses are just time-savers, especially if their sales pages show proof that they use their own methods and have made money following it.


Don’t over think it or talk yourself out of it.
Remember the 80/20 Rule…2 out of your 10 videos will be winners. Just keep churning them out.

Don’t worry about your competition, just find products that have a few spots left on the first page of Youtube Search Page….if you have’s because people are making sales. Make lots of videos from the same video to maximize your time.

Scale up the winners with videos targeting EVERY keyword for that product and dominate Youtube!