Bonus For Social Scaling



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How To Create Your First Facebook Ad

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3

Video #4

For Shopify (physical products)

Video #5

Video #6

Now, I know between the course itself, the software and these videos, you have a lot to learn.

But, this can be the most profitable forms of traffic you ever use (potentially, there are no
guarantees, but enough success stories to be persistent).

When you run your ads, and you are not making twice as much as you are spending, stop that ad campaign,
and tweak it or start a new one.

Watch your campaigns closely.

Remember: Not all of your campaigns will be winners, but finding a WINNER is thrilling and then you can focus in on that niche! Use the Course Social Scaling and follow his videos. Watch them over and over until you find success. All the best, Kristie =).