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Cool Resources I mentioned:

How to Get A Domain Name and Hosting for 1 time price.

Pinterest Guide

Pinterest Board Booster (paid) $5/month
Pinterest Board Poster – Tailwind  (free trial version)red-flower

Pinterest Pop-up for your Blog (free)

How To Make Images to (free)

Photo Editor I didn’t mention that I love and use daily!  – (free)

Also, another website I use to get free stock images to upload to these photo editors is (free)

Another Photo Editor I didn’t mention, but just found that is absolutely AMAZING (free)  – Loonapix rose-petals

How to Make An Optin Page that you can share as a link like a website/blog with Clickfunnels on Pinterest/Youtube Descriptions to Build Your Subscriber List

Write your own or Buy a Freebie to give away to ask people for their email here – Master Resale Rights

Autoresponders to use to write an email to send to your new Subscribers: (either use the one in Clickfunnels – upsell) or I use Get Response.








P.S. I used the free website called Loonapix to make the following images on my blog, and then posted them to Pinterest, but you can create them, download them and put your Clickfunnels Optin page link (sign up here) in there to get your first 10+ subscribers by next week! Or, use them as your Custom Thumbnails in Youtube!





I used to create this one:



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