Bonus for Shareify



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Bonus 1: Social Traffic Alchemy – Currently selling for $67
Based on a proven case study, shows how to get hundreds of clicks for pennies via Facebook Ads.
Why is it relevant? Because they will be able to use this affordable traffic source in order to make more money using the Shareify method.

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Bonus 2: Sinfiltrator SAAS – Currently Selling for $67
One of Stephen Gilbert and Greg Kononenko’s Flagship softwares, this beast allows the user to take ANY website, hijack it, and put their opt in forms, affiliate links, banners, or anything else right on top of it. Then share the link it generates and reap the authority of said website.
Why is it relevant? Users will be able to not only use it separately to make money, but they’ll be able to put overlays over top of their shareify machines so that they can build a list in the process.

Delivery URL:

Bonus 3: Snap Affiliate Profits Traffic Course, sold for $17.00
Based on a case study showing how to get Bing Traffic for $0.02 – $0.10 per click in nearly any niche, and how to then convert that traffic using affiliate model
Why is it relevant? You can use this traffic in your business, driving it to the pages built using the Shareify system.

Delivery URL: