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Hi there, Kristie here and Thank You for your purchase!  Your PDF Bonus Download is below…take action…scale what works.  Go get ’em! Kristie

If you missed the One Time Offers, here they are with more detail to help you decide…

The first one time offer is a really good course on how to get your Youtube videos to rank….if you need a refresher course…this is worth it.
The second one is really good psychological tips (mostly by Spencer) that tell you high level tips of marketing to your customer….Spencer was my Coach a few years ago and I owe much of my success to him…so you can’t go wrong buying
his videos.  What appears to be simple, is what WORKS all day long online, because it is a different medium to market…You have to use
words…he does an excellent job of explaining how.
Here’s a breakdown of both so you can decide:
OTO 1:
This upgrade takes the Lazy Profit Explosion system to the NEXT level. We are including a powerful WP plugin that doubles profits. We’re also including more advanced training and ninja strategies (like our 3-step system for getting 100% FREE set-it-forget-it traffic). And we’re also throwing in some killer bonuses.
OTO 2:
Upgrade 2 + Bonuses
This upgrade includes a proven template that Raj and his team have used after hundreds of tests – and it converts like crazy! Your customers will save countless hours of testing, thanks to this DFY template. Simply swipe and deploy. We’re also including a step-by-step PDF on how to use this template. And we’re also throwing in some WHITE LABEL software to make this a no-brainer of a purchase.
Depending on your budget…you will learn some new amazing tactics..
Hope that helps! Kristie



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Updated Bonus 7/4/2016




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